How Tenant Surveys Can Motivate Staff

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A tenant satisfaction survey may seem to many to be an unnecessary expense or not add much to what you know already about your tenants but for Pearce & Co their tenant survey has become a key part of their working process. Often you hear from tenants when something needs fixing or if there is a problem and it can be very difficult to get a true measure of how satisfied they really are. That is why Pearce & Co selected Questionnaire Factory to provide an independent measure of tenant satisfaction they can rely on.

 “There is nothing better than being appreciated for doing a good job and our tenant survey helps us to see exactly how positive our tenants are about us. What’s more it encourages our staff to maintain the highest of standards. When we started our tenant satisfaction survey back in 2013 we were mainly keen to measure satisfaction levels, find out what was working well and what needed improvement. What we did not anticipate was the level of positivity generated by genuinely satisfied tenants who are more than happy to share their experience if they are sent a survey. It is not every every day that hard working staff get a pat on the back, especially in the residential lettings market, but our monthly online survey of new tenants does just that. Equally we are able to pick up on any problems at an early stage before they become bigger problems.”
Steven Hall, Partner, Pearce & Co,

“We were delighted to attract Pearce & Co as a client and be able provide them with a tenant satisfaction survey which has such a good level of response. It is not only of benefit to Pearce & Co but also it provides their tenants with a say. Moving home is a big emotional step for most tenants and being sent a communication after moving in to find out how things are going shows the letting agency really does care. Pearce & Co also benefit from knowing what their tenants’ future rental intentions are and can prepare accordingly.”
Chris Clarke, Founder, Questionnaire Factory,
Pearce & Co
Pearce & Co are an established firm of Chartered Surveyors providing property management and letting services over a wide geographical area accessible to their offices in Chertsey,  South West of London.
Questionnaire Factory
Questionnaire Factory was established in 2012 to make professional, participant-friendly, customer and employee satisfaction surveys accessible to all businesses and organisations. Our aim is to remain an innovative, flexible, ethical, low-cost business. To help achieve this we use the latest survey technologies.

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