Can you afford to be a socially responsible business?

By May 27, 2015 Uncategorized

An early adoption of a CSR policy by small and medium sized companies could pay dividends. In partnership with, Questionnaire Factory asked a nationally representative sample of  Swedish consumers how important it is for companies to have a clearly stated corporate social responsibility policy detailing their ethical practices and their impact on the environment and community. We found out that already in 2013 two thirds (67%) of Swedish consumers said it was important, rising to 73% of females. Although price is a key driver of consumption patterns, price alone is no longer consumer’s only consideration. Looking across all markets there is a move towards organic / ethical / efficient / low emission / recyclable / biodegradable / sustainable products and services.

A more recent survey by showed 63% of Swedish consumers now purchase at least some organic groceries. Even within financial services, purchasers are starting to consider eithical indexes when it comes to choosing financial products. Businesses and organisations are also experiencing pressures from legislative changes designed to drive sustainability and ethical working practices.

Questionnaire Factory, a socially reponsible market research agency, is offering businesses and organisations an opportunity to find out how their customers and employees view corporate social responsibility and to assess the impact of implementing a CSR policy. CSR policies range from equal opportunites and the well being of employees and suppliers, to support of the local or international community, to efficient, cleaner, more humane products and services that consider their impact on the environment.

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