Growth through surveys

What difference can a survey make to your bottom line? Understanding the profile of your customers and which group is most positive towards your brand can help you target your resources more effectively. Likewise, asking customers which marketing activities led to…
Chris Clarke
May 25, 2014

What are your customers thinking?

Professional, well presented and constructed surveys allow customers to have their say. You clearly demonstrate that their views are valued and their experience is important to your business or organisation. What's more you can find out, for example, which groups are more positive or negative towards…
Chris Clarke
February 15, 2014

What makes Questionnaire Factory different?

We are different because we provide professional, participant-friendly surveys which are accessible to all businesses and organisations. We use the latest low cost survey technologies to offer a more affordable alternative to traditional market research agencies. We also support those who are…
Chris Clarke
January 19, 2014

Questionnaire Factory launches

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Questionnaire Factory website. We are now available to provide customers with professional, affordable survey services. Please view our Services menu to see the wide range of surveys available or if you would like support forming your own…
Chris Clarke
January 10, 2014