How We Work

Questionnaire Templates

We offer a range of professional, participant-friendly templates which help you to build an effective relationship with your audience and support the growth of your business or organisation.


We can also modify our professional questionnaire templates to represent your individual services, procedures and processes and ensure that your questionnaire is in-line with your business objectives and needs. For further details view Services in the top menu above.


Independently Managed Surveys

With independently managed surveys customers and employees can be reassured that the survey is managed in an impartial environment where their identities are protected. Participants are free to provide open and honest answers and businesses or organisations are able to get a more accurate picture of how they are performing.


We would recommend that if you want to find out how your customers rate your business or organisation or if you want your employees to comment on their work environment, this is best managed through an independent survey.


In-house Surveys

With the explosion of survey software packages available, businesses and organisations are increasingly able to manage all stages of the survey process themselves, from writing and distributing surveys to interpreting the results.


There are many benefits, not least the potential cost savings and the flexibility to manage a range of different surveys, but also those administering surveys become familiar with measuring performance and gaining new insights to support effective decision making.


Questionnaire Factory can support you with the management of your in-house surveys. We can ensure you maximise response rates through effective communications and survey planning and collect the key information you need to grow your business or organisation. We can even advice on a suitable survey tool to meet your business needs.


Survey Consultancy

In addition to the standard reporting provided by the survey tool software, we offer attractive, customised reporting in Microsoft Powerpoint detailing  the key findings and  recommendations, charting the questions and key differences between sub-groups of participant plus the interpretation of open comments and suggestions.


We can advise and support you with your survey planning, identify your survey requirements, software requirements, timing, budgets and procedures for implementing the results.