Questionnaire Templates from £295 

Questionnaire Templates from:


/SEK 2950 + VAT/MOMS

View the Services menu to see details on the wide range of questionnaire templates we offer. Choose from:

    • Customer Surveys
    • Employee surveys
    • Parent / Student Surveys
    • Tenant / Landlord Surveys
    • Corporate Social Responsibility Surveys
    • Other Surveys
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Online Survey Management from:


/SEK 9950 + VAT/MOMS
  • Provide questionnaire template (including invitation text)
  • Customisation of questionnaire template and invitation text (based on client’s requirements)
  • Scripting the questionnaire in the survey tool in client’s branding and design requirements
  • Re-direct respondent to client’s website on completion of the survey
  • Distribution via email address through the survey tool or to provide a customised survey link
  • Participant support service by Questionnaire Factory for any survey related questions
  • Reminder surveys (only to those who have not responded)
  • Provide access to results tables from the reporting tool (including charts)
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Customised Microsoft Powerpoint Report from:


/SEK 9950 + VAT/MOMS
  • Summary of findings and recommendations
  • Charts of key questions including comparisons by profile of respondent and commentary of findings
  • Interpretation of open comments
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Survey consultancy:



Discover more about our survey consultancy service priced at £60 per hour + VAT / SEK 600 + MOMS

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