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Brand Management Surveys

Brand management is about creating and maintaining a strong image and promise. A consistent brand is important as customers, who have a positive experience of your business or organisation, will build a relationship with your brand and be more likely to re-purchase or purchase new products and services you may offer.


How you position your business or organisation will determine your brand position and values including factors such as price, quality, image and level of service. Our questionnaires enable you to measure exactly how your customers view your brand proposition and the extent to which they are loyal to your brand.


Brand Evaluation

Measure your customers’ brand perceptions and loyalty.



  • Brand attributes and association (price / value / quality / reliability / features / trust / service)
  • Competitor positioning
  • Brand loyalty by type of customer


Brand Awareness, Usage and Perceptions (see Market Surveys)

Market Surveys

You can survey a representative group of the adult population or businesses in a country or region or a targeted group of consumers or business professionals based on specific criteria, for example, gender, age or more detailed criteria.  Participants are provided through professional survey panel companies.


Brand Awareness, Usage and Perceptions 

Measure your competitive positioning within your marketplace.



  • Market penetration (awareness / usage) versus main competitors
  • Brand attributes and association (price / value / quality / reliability / features / trust / service)
  • Competitor positioning
  • Brand loyalty


New Product / Service Development 

Measure your target market preferences in terms of new product and service ideas / concepts.



  • Evaluation of new concept ideas, features
  • Consumer preferences (pricing / features  trade off – using conjoint analysis)
  • Impact on business’s / organisation’s brand
  • Comparisons by type of consumer

Event  Evaluation

Increasingly events are being evaluated to measure their return on investment, including measurement of the most effective marketing methods, profile of audience, what worked well, what could be improved and the benefits gained from attending.


  • How they became aware of event
  • Motivation for visiting
  • Services / stands visited
  • Satisfaction with services / stands
  • Benefits from attending the event
  • Evaluation of new service ideas
  • Open questions (suggested improvements)
  • Comparisons by profile of visitor

In-Store / In-Street Surveys

We provide cafes, shops and stores with the opportunity to question customers on their shopping experience and gather any comments they may have. We also offer in-street surveys to measure visitor purchase intentions, reasons for visting, opinions of a high street or shopping centre and travel patterns.


In-Store Surveys

Find out shoppers’ purchase intentions, in-store experience, and the extent to which their visit has met their expectations. We can also gather information on items that were not available on the day of the visit or are not stocked.


Options for administering surveys include:

  1. Completion of an in-store survey card
  2. In-store card for collecting contact information. This information is used to administer the survey and can also be used to send details on special offers, event information or a newsletter.
  3. Interviewer standing at store exit to collect responses


We recommend including an incentive such as a voucher, points or a discount on next purchase.



  • Purchase intentions / preferences
  • In-store experience including service by staff, range of products available, cleanliness, store layout, offers
  • Items not in stock or not available

Shopping Centre Surveys

Are conducted onsite in shopping centres or high streets and are managed by an interviewer.



  • Where visitors travel from
  • Method of travel
  • Regularity of visits (compared with neighbouring shopping centres)
  • Purpose of visit / purchase intentions
  • Opinion of shopping centre and preferences

Website Evaluation

Websites are often used as the main platform for communicating products and services and play a key role on how visitors view a business or organisation. Gaining a better understanding of type of visitor, how they came to view your site, what they viewed and how well the site met their expectations can help to improve visitor and customer experience.  This evaluation features:

  • How they came to the website
  • Reason for visiting
  • What they viewed
  • Ease of use, layout, content
  • How well the site met their expectations
  • Actions following visit
  • Comparisons by profile of visitor

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