Optolexia has developed a revolutionary method for detecting dyslexia and following their launch in Sweden are now expanding internationally. They have made it possible for schools and other organisations to screen for dyslexia in a reliable and cost effective way and enable early detection which can help children receive the learning support they need.

To assist in their expansion, Optolexia selected Questionnaire Factory to carry out an analysis of the UK market together with in depth interviews with professionals in the education sector.

Optolexia Chief Executive, Fredrik  Wetterhall, said “We now have a much clearer insight in how to approach the UK market and provide services which will help more children and adults be screened for dyslexia. Early detection of dyslexia enables the education sector to target their resources more effectively and with the right support people with dyslexia have a brighter future.”

Questionnaire Factory Founder, Chris Clarke, said “It is great to support a fast growing, innovative Swedish company which uses research and technology to help improve the lives of many people around the world.”

About Optolexia – Optolexia services are based on scientific research conducted at Marianne Bernadotte Centre at Karolinska Institutet and the latest technology including eye-tracking and cloud-based Microsoft Azure Machine Learning. Optolexia aims to make early dyslexia detection accessible globally. Dyslexia is a condition that affects learning and can affect 1 in 10 people. For further information, visit www.optolexia.se/en