Survey Methods / Technologies


Online surveys distributed via email, or hosted, for example, on a web page, social media site or online newsletter are now becoming one of the most common methods of managing surveys. Questionnaire Factory uses a range of market leading, innovative survey software tools in order to offer our customers both cost and time effective survey solutions.


Web-based panels

We offer online surveys using international web-based panels of consumers and business professionals from a range of leading suppliers. You can target, for example, mothers, home buyers or a nationally representative sample of adults.



With the wide adoption of smart phones and mobile devices, particularly among the harder to reach professional and younger age groups, surveys adapted to mobile devices and text based surveys are becoming increasingly more common. We have access to a range of tools which allow our customers to benefit from this survey method.


Telephone surveys

In addition to online survey technologies we have extensive experience of telephone based surveys including in-depth surveys.


Paper surveys

Where necessary we can offer printed questionnaires to participants who do not have access to email or have a preference for filling in a printed version.


In-store surveys

In-store surveys include question cards which are displayed in-store. Shoppers can either complete the card or are incentivised to visit the customer’s website to complete the survey. Alternatively responses can be collected in-store by an interviewer through the use of a mobile device.


In-street surveys

In- street surveys are particularly effective for measuring peoples shopping preferences, reasons for visiting e.g. a shopping centre and travel patterns. They are conducted by an interviewer through the use of a mobile device.


In-depth surveys

In addition to quantitative surveys we also offer detailed, in-depth interviews using online, telephone or face to face methods.  Telephone and face to face interviews are recorded. This methodology is particularly effective for reaching professional people and gathering  detailed information.